Belize Jungle Resort, Zip Line & Jungle Swing

What draws you to vacation in Belize at Calico Jack's?

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Photos by Dennis Jones and CJV Staff

Is it our pristine environment and unique blend of Caribbean and Central American traditions? Or is it the Creole, East Indian, Garifuna, Mayan, and Mestizo influences? Perhaps it's our sea and jungles, our rivers, islands, and lagoons, where endangered species like the harpy eagle, jaguar, toucan and howler monkey, still thrive in their native habitats? If you are drawn to natural environments, cultural melting pots, and diverse sea and land adventures, vacation in Belize at Calico Jack's Village.

If you're drawn to Belize for an authentic cultural experience, Calico Jack's invites you to make our unique Caribbean jungle and mountain resort your home base for your Belize vacation. If you like rustic elegance yet informality, excellent service and gastronomical delights, come to Calico Jack's.

Here, on our private 400 acre reserve in the unspoiled  Mountain Pine Ridge region of central Belize, we provide a environmentally responsible, wholly personalized retreat for travelers seeking a refreshingly authentic Belizean and tropical experience. Calico Jack's staff will greet you with smiling Belizean eyes. We will provide the service needed to make your time with us exceptional and comfortable, yet preserving the Belizean accent.

Consider the Available On-Site and Local Activities

Surrender to the canopy of the Belize Rainforest on Calico Jack's Jungle Canopy and Zip Lining tours. Leave your world and worries behind as you soar through the jungle canopy and high above the forest floor on one of the premier Zip Line Treks in Belize.

Experience El Columpio, our jungle swing. Feel alive and unfettered as you ascend a replica of a Mayan pyramid and are launched from its 50 feet apex to sight see the jungle from different aerial views.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of caving or cave tubing. Explore the ceremonial caves - Bega 1 (Valley 1) and Box-Tunich (Stone Cave) on the grounds of Calico Jack’s. View crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old casting shadows into the black abyss as you experience the most sacred area of the ancient Maya. The caves are a living museum where the past can be experienced in its natural historical location.

Investigate our Ancient Jungle Garden Trail which boasts more than 100 plants and trees used in ancient times by the Maya.

Other guided tours in the Mountain Pine Ridge area include Barton Creek Cave, Caracol and Rio Frio Cave, Green Hills Butterfly Ranch and horseback riding with neighboring Mountain Equestrian Trails Resort.

Calico Jack's is the perfect place to escape the crowds you will find at the larger resorts. And for families of all ages, we offer Family Vacation Packages.

Whatever your vacation preferences, we want your stay in Belize to be a memorable lifetime experience - a stay that will bring sighs in later years when you are sharing photos of your Belize vacation with friends and family, recalling our smiling eyes and sapphire skies.

Calico Jack's Village offers you all the delights of a tropical paradise with the comforts of home. It's the perfect place for your next adventure and vacation.

To book Calico Jack's Village tours, packages, or accommodations, Contact Us or make your reservations online.


Updated Nov 2013