Calico Jack's Ancient Jungle Garden Trail Tour

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Ancient Jungle Garden Trail Tour

Ancient Garden TrailCalico Jack's Ancient Jungle Garden Trail Tour gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the many medicinal properties of rainforest plants and trees used by the ancient Maya in their daily lives. Many of these plants and trees are still used by Belizeans as “home” remedies. The intent of this guided tour is to spread the knowledge of Mayan healing traditions and also of rainforest preservation.

This guided tour starts with a brief overview and initiation of “dos” and “do nots” in the rainforest. The 1.5 mile tour takes about one hour and is invigorating as you seamlessly move through the jungle and description of more than 90 plants and trees including different varieties of orchids, four varieties of natural viagra, natural pesticides, and plants that cure a host of ailments from stomach ache to mouth sores. Associated medicinal and daily uses and myths are described.

Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes and comfortable attire.

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