Caves Branch Tour

Belize Tours from Calico Jack's Village

Jungle Cave Float at Caves Branch

Combine cave tubing and cave exploration in exploring this incredible river cave system. Ancient Maya ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, jade and the footprints of the Shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D. are still seen.

Cave TubingSpectacular crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old cast eerie shadows into the black abyss as you explore and experience the most sacred area of the ancient Maya. The caves are a living museum where the past can be experienced in its natural historical location.

Massive cathedral size chambers with walls of river sculptured rock dwarf explorers as we pass on foot and inner tube. Imagine the experience as you float through a cathedral and the lights are turned off leaving one with the sensation of floating in timelessness.

Tours departs from Calico Jack's at about 6:30 AM and returns about 6:00 PM. The hike to the mouth of the cave takes approximately one hour. You enter with inner tubes for the river float.

This all day tour is of moderate difficulty for the hearty of mind, and body. Subject to high water levels during the rainy season. Tour Price includes transportation, lunch, and gear.

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