Crystal Cave Tour

Belize Tours from Calico Jack's Village

Guided Tour of Crystal Cave

Explore one of the oldest accessible caves on the planet! This tour is for the adventurous and fit as there is an approximate one hour hike down a jungle path to get to the mouth of the cave.

At the mouth of the cave, you will repel down (about a 15 foot drop) to begin your journey through this mammoth cave. Once below the surface, you’ll explore the various chambers of the cave.

There are narrow passages and magnificent cathedral size caverns filled with spectacular shimmering crystal stalactites, stalagmites, rim stone dams, flow stone and pillars like rock columns.

You'll also see Maya pottery and ceremonial burn sites dating back 1000 years. This cave is dated 250,000 plus years, and still developing. This is an amazing adventure of exploration with only your headlamp to light your way.

Tour departs from Calico Jack's at about 6:30 AM and returns about 6:00 PM. This tour has a medium level of difficulty. Price includes transportation, lunch, and gear.

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