Birds of Belize Tour

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Birds of Belize Tour

With an abundance of over 500 species of colorful birds, Belize is quickly becoming a bird watcher’s paradise in Central America.

Unusual birds such as the Jabiru Stork, the largest in the Western Hemisphere with a height of 5 feet, can be found here. There is a healthy population of Jabiru Storks, and Roseate Spoonbills are on the increase. Both species can be found feeding at some of the shrimp farms around the Placencia Area.

Other exciting and endangered species of birds include the Keel-billed Toucan, Blue-crowned Motmot, and Orange-breasted Falcon. These falcons nest on cliffs on high outcropping in the Maya Mountains, and on steep walls of sinkholes.

The Harpy Eagle, with a wingspan of 7 feet and height of 3 feet, making it the largest eagle in the world, has been seen soaring near the ruins of Caracol. Other interesting and/or threatened species includes the Ocellated Turkey, Chestnut-bellied Heron, Solitary Eagle, and Crested Eagle. The Black Catbird is making a comeback at a small reserve dedicated to its existence on Caye Caulker.

The largest population of Scarlet Macaws can be found in areas around Red Bank and at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Belize is also the winter home for many migrants from North America such as Baltimore Orioles and many species of wood warblers.

This tour is designed for serious bird watchers. Your tour will start at sunrise. Your first destination is the Banana dump to view fly catchers, warblers and vultures. Next, at the Jaguar Preserve you will look for more mountain birds such as Toucans, Tinamous, Trogans, Motmots, Herons, King Vultures and the occasional Scarlet Macaws when in season.

Bring your hiking boots, lightweight long pants and shirt, sunscreen, hats, water, bug spray, a camera and binoculars.

Transportation is by van with professional licensed guide. Lunch is included in the tour price.

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