Diving or Snorkeling With Whale Sharks

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Diving with Whale Sharks (seasonal)

Whale sharks can be observed from March through June at the Gladdens Area. Each year during the full moon Mutton and Cubera snapper spawn here. The giant whale sharks come from far away to feed on the spawn and to mate. It is common on this dive to see schools of snapper in the thousands with whale sharks passing through them.

As a diver, you will likely see these majestic creatures up close. However, it is illegal to chase, ride, touch or otherwise disturb the Whale Sharks. This is also for your protection as the Whale Sharks can mistake the scuba tank bubbles for yummy eggs. The optimum sighting dates for whale sharks change each year with 10-14 days of very good sightings monthly.

These dives are up to 100 feet in depth and recommended for advanced divers only. Even if no whale sharks are spotted, divers will have quality encounters with large schools of fish that are in the area to spawn.

Tour price includes all gear, professional guide, transportation and lunch. Price varies depending on the size of the boat.

Snorkeling tours are also available from US$80 to US$150, plus sales tax.

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