Paynes Creek National Park Tour

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Guided Tour of Paynes Creek National Park

Paynes Creek National Park is located just about an hour from Punta Gorda by skiff. It contains approximately 39,000 acres of lush broadleaf forest, thick mangroves and wide stretches of pine savannah.

Paynes Creek TourThe park is home to jaguar, ocelots and howler monkeys to name just a few. The well known Punta Ycacos Lagoon is an important West Indian Manatee breeding ground.

Over 300 species of birds live or spend their winters in park, including endangered species such as the yellow-headed parrot, jabiru storks, muscovy ducks and the aplomado falcon.

Within the park boundaries, archeologists have also uncovered 4 ancient Mayan sites, now submerged under water in the Ycacos lagoon.

Tour price includes professional guide, transportation and lunch. This tour requires has a minimum of four guests.

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