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Belize Vacation Tours and Adventures

Calico Jack's Village has three tours located on the property: Ancient Jungle Garden Trail, Jungle Canopy Zip Lining, and Bega One and Box-Tunich Caves.

Calico Jack’s is also within driving distance of other popular Belize destinations. Calico Jack's can help you plan additional tours and packages, in collaboration with partner resorts and tour guides, including bird watching, caving, cave tubing, hiking, kayaking, Mayan temples, snorkeling and scuba diving,

If you have any questions about any of our tours, please contact us. And when you book a reservation, make sure to indicate any tours you want, so we can work out the details.

Explore the Jungle
  • Zip Lining and Dry Caving at Calico Jack’s Village - Combine one of four zip lining tours (from 20 minutes to two hours) with one of two caving options.
  • Jungle Cave Float at Caves Branch - Combine cave tubing and cave exploration as you tour this incredible river cave system. See Mayan artifacts, spectacular crystal formations and massive cathedral size chambers.
  • Guided Tour of Crystal Cave - Explore one of the oldest accessible caves on the planet! This tour is for the adventurous and fit as it begins with a one hour hike down a jungle path to the mouth of the cave.
  • Paynes Creek National Park Tour - The park contains approximately 39,000 acres of lush broadleaf forest, thick mangroves and wide stretches of pine savannah. It is home jaguar, ocelots and howler monkeys, as well as over 300 species of birds.
Swimming, Kayaking Tubing and other Water Tours
Discover Belize Wildlife
  • Diving with Whale Sharks - An unforgettable underwater adventure as you swim next to these gentle giants.
  • Hiking the Cockscomb Basin and Jaguar Reserve - A guided tour where you will learn about native plants, animals and Mayan Culture in the famous Jaguar Reserve.
  • Guided Tour of Monkey River - A Special Conservation Area, with howler monkeys and toucans in the forest, and manatee at the mouth of the river and iguana dotting the river bank.
  • Birds of Belize Tour - With an abundance of over 500 species of colorful birds, Belize is quickly becoming a birdwatcher’s paradise in Central America.
Mayan Ruins and Culture