Who Comes to Calico Jack's

Who Comes To Calico Jack's Village in Belize

Guests at Calico Jack's Village

Guests at the Jungle Canopy Tour

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Fortin-Metzgens come home
to Belize from Honduras

Our guests describe themselves as travelers rather than tourists. They come to Calico Jack's Resort and to vacation in Belize because they relish adventures that are "off-the-beaten track."

They come with a sense of eagerness to learn about new people, cultures, and natural habitats. They also enjoy privacy. That is what we offer.

In general, our guests describe themselves as:

Vacationers wishing to explore the rainforest, reef, history, or villages of Belize and return to a "base camp" for a great meal, a safe refuge, and an evening of socializing with other travelers.

Nature-lovers and eco-tourists—the young and extraordinarily fit and also those like us well over 50—who want to behold the wildlife and native vegetation of a truly pristine tropical environment and who also want to be challenged to cave, hike, zip line through the air and explore canyons and creeks and meet plants and animals unknown and familiar in a safe and structured environment.

History lovers, students, photographers, artists, teachers, professionals, and writers who wish to capture the rustic and unblemished beauty and culture of the tropics with the assurance that they will be fully cared for during their stay.

Travelers who wish to take day trips and return to a quiet, comfortable, and safe place to eat and sleep.

People living hectic daily lives who need a quiet getaway, and safe and restful vacation, away from throngs of people and activity being looked after by those who lived those lives and understand the importance of a truly unique, private, and special retreat.

People seeking a spiritual retreat: Our commitment is to create a place of well beingness for you.

In general, those that would be least attracted to Calico Jack's unique offerings include:

Singles seeking opportunities to meet partners.

Guests seeking an active night life and urban type areas.

Single-interest adventure tourists, such as distance hikers, windsurfers, or expert kayakers.

Single interest adventure tourists such as divers and other water enthusiasts who want to devote their time and energy to the water and water activities exclusively.

Tourists that have been exposed to and are not comfortable with natural environments.